FacePhi Named Runner-Up at Temenos Innovation Jam Final

Face biometrics company FacePhi just announced that it has been named runner-up in the Innovation Jam Final held at this week’s Temenos Community Forum (TCF), which ran May 17- 19 in FacePhi Named Runner-Up at Temenos Innovation Jam FinalBarcelona, Spain. The company scored an invitation to the event last March after winning the Miami edition of the Temenos Innovation Jam. Exhibiting its Selphi mobile banking technology alongside other previous Innovation Jam winners from across the globe, FacePhi made a strong case for facial recognition authentication in FinTech to 1,200 Temenos customers.

Given seven minutes to pitch their mobile biometric technology, FacePhi’s EVP and co-founder Javier Mira, along with Jorge Sanz, the company’s director of business development, demonstrated Selphi—a simple and effective mobile security application. As the technology’s name suggests, it authenticates users by having them take a selfie with their smartphones. It’s fast, intuitive, and as Mira explained on stage in Barcelona, it has built in liveness detection to thwart presentation attacks (aka spoofing).

Take a look at FacePhi’s full presentation at the Innovation Jam Final below:

FacePhi’s biometric technology has already been licensed by eight financial services companies including Banco Industrial de Guatemala and Banco Nacional de Costa Rica.

May 19, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter