FaceFirst Launches Biometric Shoplifter Alert System for Retailers

Los Angeles-based FaceFirst has launched a new facial recognition solution for security surveillance aimed at the retail market.FaceFirst Launches Biometric Shoplifter Alert System for Retailers

Dubbed “Sentinel-IQ”, the platform is designed to identify known shoplifters and criminals, and to send an alert to administrators the moment such individuals are detected by the surveillance system. And it’s available in multiple deployment configurations including a SaaS-based setup that allows it to run on almost any HD camera with a compatible processor.

In a statement announcing the solution, FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp emphasized its versatility, asserting that “while the system was designed with the world’s largest retail chains in mind, the all-in-one camera support will offer a flexible SaaS solution for retailers with less square footage.”

Of course, Sentinel-IQ’s ability to identify criminals can only be as effective as the databases upon which it relies, and FaceFirst offers Watchlist as a Service solutions for this purpose. And the company has a track record, with its facial recognition surveillance technology having previously seen some heavy duty deployments including an airport security implementation in Panama and a CCTV deployment for police in the Indian city of Bengaluru. Now, with facial recognition becoming ever more mainstream, FaceFirst could find more interest than ever in this technology from the retail sector at which Sentinel-IQ is aimed.

June 12, 2o18 – by Alex Perala