FaceFirst Biometrics Deployed in Colombia

FaceFirst has been deployed in Colombia's TransMilenio bus systemFacial recognition biometrics company FaceFirst is seeing its solutions deployed in the TransMilenio rapid bus transit system in Bogota, Colombia. The biometric technology is being installed in up to 90 stations and nine deployments have reached completion as of this writing.

The biometric security in the TransMilenio stations is part of the SIVIT initiative, which is aimed at keeping citizens who use the rapid bus transit system safe during their commute. According to a press release announcing the opening ceremony of SIVIT (held earlier this week), the facial recognition system can scan 32 faces per second with more than 120 points of comparison. It will cross reference faces scanned with a police database in order to identify persons of interest.

Along with the opening ceremony announcement, a demonstration video has been uploaded to the official TransMilenio YouTube page.

FaceFirst is no stranger to high throughput deployments. In September of last year the company announced that its biometric system in Panama’s Tocumen International Airport was being expanded into the facility’s north terminal.

March 19, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter