Facebook DeepFace Feature Can Automatically Tag People in Photos

Social MediaFacebook has launched a facial recognition feature that can automatically tag faces in photos, according to a MailOnline article by Victoria Woollaston. The feature, called DeepFace, can reportedly identify individuals’ faces with 97.25 percent accuracy.

The technology was initially developed by an Israeli company called face.com, which was purchased by Facebook in 2013. From there the face.com team helped to further develop the technology for Facebook. The software takes a static image of a face, builds a three-dimensional model for it that can be rotated, and then starts looking for matches. Right now the feature isn’t available in the European Union, but it has been popping up elsewhere around the world, including in the United States.
Facebook has shown a lot of interest in using biometric technology to glean more information about its users; its recent acquisition of voice recognition developer Wit.ai prompted immediate speculation about whether it planned to use that technology for similar purposes. Of course, Facebook is neither the first nor the only company using biometrics in this way. Last year’s FotoTiger app, for example, was also designed to automatically tag photos with its facial recognition technology; and now it appears that Samsung may be using the voice recognition technology in its new Smart TVs for similar information-collecting purposes.
February 10, 2015 – by Alex Perala