Face Recognition, Fingerprint Sensors on Smart Cards and the Week’s Big Acquisition – Industry News Roundup October 7-11

October 12, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

This week was filled with preparation for next week’s Biometrics Exhibition and Conference in London which begins October 15 and runs through the 17th. A number of technologies will be on display for those with exhibition floor access, as the biometrics and authentication industry converges on the UK to talk about the booming potential of emerging vertical markets and how to move forward with already established footholds.

Cross Match Technologies is one of the sponsoring participants of the event and will be showcasing its technology that is aimed at some of those established verticals, namely law enforcement, government services and border control. The company will have on display its WEBS enrollment service, the SEEK Avenger hand held unit, its criminal AFIS solution and Authenticator – a credential reader.

A new facial verification system will also be on display on the exhibition floor in London next week. Face on the Fly is a new camera technology that allows for face verification of moving subjects, and will be unveiled at the Biometrics Exhibition.

Speaking of face identification in the UK, University of Sunderland announced early in the week that it will be introducing a biometric student management system for the purposes of class registration and attendance purposes. Contactless biometrics like face recognition and iris scanning (used at Winthrop University for similar purposes) are ideal for student management, as they can process large populations while also reducing the spread of germs.

Moving the conversation back to fingerprint biometrics, which are poised to invade the technology consuming populace in the coming year, becoming a mainstream means of authentication, BIO-key announced this week that it has a solution for staying in control of the privacy information that is about to multiply by orders of magnitude once BYOD policies expand to include biometric protocols. FreeChoiceID is the name of the solution and it allows for a user to completely control exactly where her biometric data is being stored (on device or in the cloud) and who and what can access that data.

Fingerprint Cards took a break from announcing mobile device design wins this week and moved the discussion to a world first: a smart card with an embedded fingerprint sensor. The smart card is being produced by UINT and Mereal Biometrics and has been four years in the making, with a casino operator in France slated to be among the first to adopt the new tech.

In terms of fingerprint sensors built into actual devices (a hot topic these days), we can expect to see a lot more of them in tablets, smartphones and laptops with the big news this week that Synaptics, a human interface solutions provider, acquired Validity Sensors. Peter O’Neill, president of findBIOMETRICS, was in Las Vegas attending Money2020 and got the immediate lowdown direct from Validity CTO Sebastien Taveau and you can listen to his interview on the front page of findBIOMETRICS.