EyeVerify’s Winning Year in the Ring and 2014 Availability Plans [Year in Review 2013]

EyeVerify LogoJanuary 24, 2014 – by the findBIOMETRICS Team      

As part of the findBIOMETRICS annual Year in Review survey we don’t only ask experts to participate in our biometrics industry polls, we also provide everyone participating a chance to personally divulge their opinions on the year that was and preview what’s to come over the next twelve months.

EyeVerify is a Kansas City startup dedicated to killing the password. A mobile authentication technology that leverages the front facing camera on a smartphone or tablet to recognize the visible vein patterns on a user’s eye (called an “EyePrint”), EyeVerify doesn’t just sound cool, it has also made a big splash recently: picking up two mobility awards at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The company’s director of marketing, Denise Myers, was a participant in our year in review, and as such answered a few questions about her company’s year that was and what to expect in 2014.

findBIOMETRICS: Was 2013 a good year for EyeVerify? What were some of the highlights?

Denise Myers: 2013 was an EXCELLENT year for EyeVerify.  We won start up of the year by Silicon Prairie News in October.  Additionally, last month we won the National and International competition for Get In The Ring, a startup competition that had over 1,000 startups competing for over $1M.  We were featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, TIME, and many others.  We are bringing to market an incredibly stable biometric that is a software-only solution thus bringing biometrics to the masses and providing a solution to “killing the password”.

findBIOMETRICS: What will 2014 hold for  EyeVerify?

Denise Myers: EyeVerify will become commercially available in 2014 and we will have some significant customer announcements in 2014.  Additionally, we will continue to expand our company and enhance our product including bringing to market a tablet version.