EyeVerify Upgrades Eyeprint ID, Will Launch on iOS and Android in January

Eyeprint Biometrics

EyeVerify is a biometric software that allows mobile device users to authenticate by looking into their front facing cameras, as if taking a selfie.

Today, EyeVerify, a company specializing in vascular biometric technology, announced the latest version of its patented Eyeprint ID solution which features a big change for the better.

EyeVerify’s biometric solution uses the front facing camera of a mobile device to capture the vein patterns on the side of a user’s eyeball. It’s a contactless and quick authentication process that can be sued for everything from basic logical access control to mobile banking. Originally, the eyeprint capturing process required the user to look to the side so that the camera could get a good view of the vein patterns, but with Eyeprint ID v2.0 that is no longer necessary.


A video posted to YouTube by EyeVerfiy’s Chris Barnett demonstrates this latest innovation:

This is a major win for the Kansas City startup: the only aspect of EyeVerify’s technology that one could argue was even mildly inconvenient has been eliminated. Now, a user simply holds the device at eye level when prompted and they are quickly (in less than 800 milliseconds) authenticated with post-password levels of security.

“Mobile users and content providers alike are looking for secure, convenient and private measures to protect their phones and valuable data,” says Toby Rush, EyeVerify’s CEo and founder. “People and companies are embracing biometrics replacing passwords on mobile devices. The latest version of Eyeprint ID is the fastest, most secure and most affordable option available.”

The official Eyeprint ID v2.0 announcement is taking place this week in Las Vegas at Money20/20. The software will be available to demo at the event starting 10.30 AM PST on November 5.

According to the press release announcing the newest version of Eyeprint ID, the technology is currently in its final beta stages and will be available for Android and iOS devices in January of 2015.

Earlier this year, EyeVerify made headlines with the successful completion of a series A funding round that saw the company raking in over $6 million and partnering with Sprint, Qihoo360, Wells Fargo and Samsung Electronics.

November 3, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter