EyeVerify Accelerates Leadership Position in Mobile Security With Third Eyeprint Patent

95584_Eyeverify_HiRes_AppStore_WhiteSAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Apr 17, 2013) – EyeVerify today announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its third patent. This patent covers EyeVerify’s technology for spoof detection for biometric authentication, also known as “Liveness” testing.

“We’ve seen tremendous interest from the market in our Eyeprint solution and our beta and pilot program,” said CEO Toby Rush. “One question that everyone asks is ‘how do you stop spoofing?’ Our newly patented spoof detection method ensures that the Eyeprint system cannot be fooled with a picture, video or other more sophisticated approaches.”

EyeVerify’s previous two patents covered the foundational concept of eye vein biometrics (2008) and the methods used for pattern matching in EyeVerify’s Eyeprint Verification System (2013).

In addition, EyeVerify announced that Toby Rush will speak at Cartes America on Tuesday, April 23rd at 2:00 PM at The Mirage in Las Vegas. Rush will participate with other industry leaders in the “Securing Mobile Payments and Services” program. His presentation will illustrate how companies in finance, healthcare, security, BYOD and also governments can implement a safe, simple secure alternative to passwords for authenticating mobile users.

Rush will provide an overview of the latest accuracy improvements included in this month’s beta release of EyeVerify’s Eyeprint Verification System. Based on a third-party data set collected by the Biometric Standards, Performance and Assurance Lab at Purdue University, the Eyeprint system achieves accuracy substantially better than what is possible with facial, voice or fingerprint based systems. The latest updated results show a False Accept Rate of better than 1/50,000 or less than 0.002%, while keeping the False Reject Rate under 1%.

Rush was also selected to speak later this year at the exclusive Finovate event on May 14 in San Francisco and on June 17 he will be at presenting at Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing.

About EyeVerify

EyeVerify offers accurate, simple and secure mobile identity protection and access to highly personal information with just a glance using existing smartphones. EyeVerify’s patented vascular ‘Eyeprint’ Verification System uses built-in cameras in today’s mobile devices to image and then pattern match blood vessels in the whites of users’ eyes, ensuring highly accurate, fast and convenient mobile, digital identity protection, without requiring additional hardware for businesses or end users. Learn more at www.eyeverify.com.

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