EyeLock Signs Brazil/Latin America Regional Partner

EyeLock Signs Brazil/Latin America Regional PartnerIris biometrics company EyeLock has found a new regional partner for Brazil and Latin America. COMTEX, an electronic security integrator based in the region, has stepped to offer manufacturing and distribution services.

Explaining the selection of the company in a statement, EyeLock’s Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Anthony Antolino, pointed to the company’s prominence in the industry, pointing to its “deep relationships in the region”. He also noted that the company has “world-class infrastructure”, and suggested that the partnership would offer EyeLock a route “to government agencies, municipalities and companies large and small.”

COMTEX CEO Sergio Nercessian, meanwhile, suggested that the partnership is an affirmation of the quality of EyeLock and its technology, asserting that “EyeLock’s technology offering is second to none and will provide a strategic growth opportunity for COMTEX in the markets we serve.”

The validation is hard-earned, given the sophistication of EyeLock’s technology. Its most recent offering, an iris-based access control system, boasts of a false acceptance rate of only one in 1.5 million, and the company says it’s second only to DNA in identification accuracy. It has also developed an iris scanning laptop, and even put its authentication technology into a 3D-printed car as part of a demonstration.

July 21, 2015 – by Alex Perala