EyeLock to Showcase New Reference Design Modules at CES

EyeLock is taking the opportunity of next month’s Consumer Electronics Show to target the Internet of Things market with three new reference designs for its iris scanning technology.

EyeLock to Showcase New Reference Design Modules at CESIn a statement, the company explained that the reference design modules comprise hardware and software and offer broad applications across “critical infrastructure, automotive, healthcare, financial services, government and more.” EyeLock also drew attention to the results of recent testing of its EyeLock EN2 module conducted by data analytics company Novetta, which found it to have an FRR of less than one percent and an FMR better than one in 1.5 million for a single iris.

Commenting on the new reference design modules, EyeLock Chief Marketing and Business Development Office Anthony Antolino asserted that “[t]he biometrics market is expected to grow to more than $40 billion by 2021 with iris authentication technology leading the next wave of adoption,” adding that the new modules will enable his company “to significantly expand partnership and licensing opportunities and satisfy demand from diverse market segments.”

CES runs from January 3rd to 6th, with EyeLock to showcase its solutions from the VOXX International booth, #13517.

December 13, 2016 – by Alex Perala