EyeLock Patent Describes Single-Camera Iris and Face Scanning

EyeLock has been granted another patent for its mobile biometric authentication portfolio, the company has announced.EyeLock Patent Describes Single-Camera Iris and Face Scanning

U.S. Patent No. 9,646,217 appears to complement a system described in another recent patent obtained by the company, No. 9,613,281. That piece of IP described a system in which a captured iris image would be linked with the same subject’s facial biometrics, whereas the new patent describes how such an operation could be performed using a single camera. According to a statement from the company, the camera can capture both iris and facial biometrics “by providing suitable illumination adjustments between the two acquisitions.”

Commenting on the new patent, EyeLock CEO Jim Demitrieus said it “continues to strengthen EyeLock’s position in the mobile and broader Internet of Things (IoT) sectors,” adding that the system’s use of a single camera will offer “a lower total cost to Original Equipment Manufacturers”.

It’s the latest of several recent patents announced by the company, with other patents from last month detailing systems designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of iris capture on a mobile device. EyeLock is clearly keen to demonstrate its commitment to R&D in this area as mobile-based biometric authentication continues to rise in prominence, particularly with respect to iris and facial recognition.

May 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala