EyeLock Granted Patent for Passenger Authentication

iris biometricsEyeLock LLC has received approval for a new patent that could have important applications in the company’s business activities going forward. US Patent #9,142,070 covers the use of a biometric system for passenger authentication at a transportation facility, such as an airport.

Given EyeLock’s specialty in iris biometrics, the system would of course rely on this modality for authentication, though it’s also possible it could be used in a multimodal system. In its statement, EyeLock called it a timely patent, given that “demand for biometric authentication is growing rapidly with border control and transportation facilities looking to securely authenticate passenger identity and passengers seeking the ease and convenience of using biometrics to streamline traveling.” That is certainly true: In the US, there is already an extensive and growing biometric passenger screening program in the form of TSA PreCheck, while elsewhere in the world, such systems are being explored and implemented. Market analysts have also predicted significant growth in this area going forward.

While EyeLock is currently focused on promoting its nano NXT iris scanner at this week’s ASIS 2015 conference, the new patent could signal a broad expansion of the company’s business activities further down the line. That would accord with indications from VOXX International, which took a controlling interest in EyeLock earlier this month, that it plans to explore new market opportunities for the company’s sophisticated technology.

September 29, 2015 – by Alex Perala