VOXX International Corporation Appoints Subsidiary Company EyeLock’s New CEO

VOXX International Corporation announced that Jeff Carter, formerly Chief Technology Officer of EyeLock, LLC , the Company’s majority owned subsidiary, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of EyeLock, effective immediately.

VOXX International Corporation Appoints Subsidiary Company EyeLock’s New CEO

EyeLock looks forward to working with Carter, seeing potential in the new CEO, “Jeff has been central to the development of EyeLock’s intellectual property, a portfolio that includes nearly 100 patents and pending patents as well as proprietary technology that serve to make its iris authentication solutions the most accurate and secure form of authentication in the market today,” said Pat Lavelle, VOXX International’s President and CEO

Before locking eyes with a position at the iris recognition technology company, Carter was the Head of Innovation at Bank of America, was an advisor to the U.S. Federal Reserve, founded a co-venture between the Bank of America and MIT entitled Centre for Future Banking that researched the impact of identity on global banking.

Glancing back at EyeLock’s smart vending machine technology deployment, its newly approved patents for liveness and facial recognition, user guidance, and sequencing, and continued global investment in the firm, it will be exciting to see what’s on the horizon for the company considering Carter’s background in banking and identity might lend itself to a new view on biometric FinTech.

January 9, 2018 – by Susan Stover