New EyeLock Iris Scanner Designed for Rugged Deployments

EyeLock LLC has announced a new iris scanning solution designed for rugged outdoor deployments.

New EyeLock Iris Scanner Designed for Rugged DeploymentsCalled the Nano EXT, the device offers IP-67 water and dust resistance, IK10 impact protection, and a design compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Standards. It can scan users from a distance of 19-24 inches, and is designed to automatically adjust its height.

In a statement announcing the device, EyeLock highlighted its applications in outdoor environments as well as “data centers, banks, factories, industrial facilities, and office buildings.” Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Anthony Antolino added that it’s a solution for “customers who want to implement a single technology approach for managing outdoor and indoor access control” as well as “those looking to upgrade their exterior access points to the most advanced biometric technology.”

The company will show off the Nano EXT at next week’s ISC West security expo in Las Vegas, alongside other solutions including its HBOX overhead iris scanning system and its Nano NXT access control solution.

March 28, 2017 – by Alex Perala