EyeLock and MorphoTrust Team Up in Major Partnership

Iris BiometricsEyeLock Inc. and MorphoTrust USA (Safran) have joined forces in a major strategic partnership. Their goal is to provide a comprehensive set of biometric services at the enterprise level and in the fields of financial services, air terminal security, and motor vehicle administration.

It’s a pretty significant partnership, as both companies already loom large in the biometrics field. MorphoTrust has an expansive set of partnerships with government agencies at various levels and a some private firms too, providing fingerprint recognition technology. EyeLock, meanwhile, specializes in advanced iris-scanning technology, and has recently had its myris USB device named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree. Additionally, it launched into a separate partnership last week with Winstron NeWeb Corporation to have its technology installed in various connected devices.

In the burgeoning field of biometrics broadly and iris scanning specifically, it’s a win-win for MorphoTrust and EyeLock. In a press release, EyeLock CEO Jim Demitrieus noted that “the market for iris biometrics is growing at an annual growth rate of 19 percent,” and commented that the deal would bring EyeLock’s technology into MorphoTrust’s network of government-affiliated IdentoGO Centers, which positions both companies to reap the fruits of this technology’s growing popularity.

November 18, 2-14 – by Alex Perala