Money20/20 China

November 14, 2018 – November 16, 2018 all-day

Money20/20 has a formidable reputation for creating unmissable, destination events where the whole financial technology ecosystem meets to do business. At Money20/20 China, senior Chinese and international delegates will gather to hear leading figures from the industry live on stage, and experience Money20/20’s famous high-impact networking experience.

With 1.4billion people making US$5.5 trillion in mobile payments last year, China’s fintech industry is way past the tipping point. Consumer-led and government backed, China’s domestic appetite to invent and embrace new fintech products shows no sign of slowing. It’s a unique market because its size, aptitude and appetite enable a plethora of companies to build innovative strategies on domestic growth alone, while a smaller group of cutting-edge companies embark on international strategies. Thanks to the formidable speed, skill and scale of Chinese invention, many of the world’s fintech products, platforms and practices look to China first for the benchmark.