EU Reps to Get Biometric Travel Documents

EU Reps to Get Biometric Travel DocumentsEuropean Union representatives are being issued their own biometric ID documents. A new, nine-year project has seeing the development and issuance of the travel documents by the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) in partnership with Vision-Box and X-Infotech. The project is already underway and EU representatives are already being issued and using the new biometric IDs.

The primary aim of the project, dubbed “laissez-passer”, is to create more secure ID documents for EU representatives, reducing the potential for forgeries and related fraud and facilitating the identification of EU representatives, particularly when they are outside of the region. Vision-Box is playing a key role in the project; the company is tasked with the development of the biometric and biographic data collection infrastructure. Enrollment facilities have been set up in three European cities, where EU representatives undergo a fingerprint and face scan and are asked to produce a digital signature. All of this is done via Vision-Box’s vb e-pass solutions, which the company says comply with ICAO, NIST, and EU specifications.

The project is one part of a broader effort on the EU’s part to explore biometric identification, particularly with respect to travel and border security applications. For its part, Vision-Box already has experience working with EU member states in implementing large-scale biometric identification solutions, and is therefore a knowledgeable partner in the project.

September 14, 2015 – by Alex Perala