Equiniti Partners with CSIT to Explore Biometric Security

Equiniti Partners with CSIT to Explore Biometric SecurityBusiness technology provider Equiniti has forged a new partnership with Belfast’s Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), a major hub for academic research on cyber-security.

In announcing the new partnership, Equiniti highlighted the increasing importance of digital security now and going forward, asserting in a statement that digital threats are “the biggest risk facing public and private sector organisations over the next decade”, and that digital security “should be a priority for investment”. Owen Lamont, the company’s managing director, said that Equiniti handles over 1PB of data and provides IT services to UK government agencies like Her Majesty’s Passport Office and Land and Property Services NI, and as such advanced digital security is a priority for the company.

To that end, it will be working with CSIT to investigate security solutions, with a particular focus on biometric technologies, which the company says “could have a number of applications across its business services, increasing efficiency and reducing the chance of fraud.” The company hasn’t yet offered any further details on what biometric modalities are being explored, but it’s certainly on trend in embracing the overall concept as numerous other companies begin to realize the importance of biometric security in protecting their data.

Indeed, its value proposition is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in the burgeoning mPayment market, where fingerprint scanning is increasingly widespread as a means of protecting user data. Other organizations, including prominent government military bodies, are also introducing biometric access control for their data, further underlining the technology’s utility.

November 27, 2015 – by Alex Perala