EnterTech Systems Teams Up With Software House To Distribute Suprema Biometric Readers

8039_suprema_Suprema_logo_largeDecember 4, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter     

Today Suprema’s US operating partner EnterTech Systems announced that is has entered into a partnership with Software House in order to offer biometric devices and readers for customers of C•CURE 9000 – Software House’s security and event management system.

The partnership allows C•CURE 9000 customers to choose Suprema supported authentication factors in their access control systems. This is further facilitated by EnterTech’s BioConnect application, designed to streamline the processes that most often work against a customer’s choice to implement biometric security factors.

“Our mission at EnterTech Systems is to ensure all our customers can easily overcome the three main obstacles to mainstream adoption of biometric access control – high cost, complexity and difficult user onboarding,” says ENTERTECH CEO Rob Douglas.

In addition to BioConnect, Software House will be able to resell fingerprint recognition, card and PIN devices that round out Suprema’s security hardware offerings including BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini.

The true benefits of this partnership land squarely in the laps of the administrators in charge of Software House’s bolstered access control system offerings. BioConnect has been created specifically to break down barriers of adoption. Where the average access control system would require two separate programs to manage badge records, those equipped with BioConnect can be tended to through one interface.

Earlier this fall, EnterTech entered into a similar partnership with AMAG, who offers access control under the brand Symmetry. It’s continued focus on breaking down common barriers in the adoption of strong authentication in the areas of physical access control and time and attendance tracking is a boon to enterprise level consumers, if not the industry as a whole.