EnterTech Systems Partners with Open Options For Global Biometric Access Control Adoption

ENTERTECH LogoBreaking down adoption barriers is a big part of the discussions in biometric physical access control, and a company that has been constantly endeavoring to be a key part of these conversations is EnterTech Systems, the US operating partner of Suprema.

Recently, continuing in this same manner, EnterTech announced a partnership with Open Options, a provider of open platform access control solutions. The result is this: Open Options’ DNA Fusion access control software now integrates with Suprema fingerprint biometric readers (as well as card and PIN options) and EnterTech Systems’ BioConnect application helps ease the friction that comes along with managing such a system.

BioConnect essentially connects the dots between the security infrastructure that is DNA Fusion and the biometric templates. It cuts down on duplication of the templates and redundant labor, while also streamlining the enrollment process.

“This partnership enables ENTERTECH SYSTEMS to fulfill our mission to overcome three major obstacles to mainstream adoption of biometrics,” explains Rob Douglas, CEO of EnterTech. “With our BioConnect application coupled with the strength of DNA Fusion and Suprema devices, we are taking another strong step forward in reducing the cost, complexity, and user onboarding issues that have traditionally hindered biometrics adoption.”

Both EnterTech Systems and Open Options are currently in attendance of the ISC West conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. EnterTech is manning booth #10053 with Suprema, while Open Options is at #6103 where the BioConnect/DNA Fusion integration is being demonstrated.

As mentioned above, EnterTech Systems has been attacking the adoption barriers of biometric physical access control very actively as of late. Suprema has recently released the BioEntry Plus fingerprint reader specifically to attack cost, while the BioConnect application has been the focus of a number of partnerships across a growing number of industries from the luxury condo market to healthcare.