Entertech Systems Partners with AMAG To Break Down Obstacles In The Adoption of Biometrics

November 13, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter     

A number of obstacles stand between a customer and the successful implementation of a biometric system. On a personal consumer level there are fears of privacy and a general lack of education on the subject of how biometrics work and how they benefit the end user, on the topic of BYOD in business it is a conversation of how to manage biometric devices on a network or in a company cloud, and when we talk about physical access control it becomes a discussion of cost and complexity. Thankfully, collaboration between solutions providers are helping to dissolve those last two obstacles.

Suprema’s North American operating partner, EnterTech Systems, announced today that is has become a Certified Partner member of AMAG’s Symetry Extended Business Solutions Program in order to meet customer needs in the areas of cost, complexity and user onboarding.

AMAG, an access control solutions provider will benefit from EnterTech’s BioConnect application. BioConnect leverages Suprema-made biometric devices in an access control capacity. Normally access control systems require two separate programs to manage badge records, but EnterTech’s application merges them into a single unit, maximizing efficiency by allowing administration access to both the access control panel and the biometric template database.

In this situation, administrators dealing with Symmetry access control systems can use BioConnect as a single point of access for both end of the transaction: Suprema biometric devices and the templates stored in Symmetry.

Speaking to the benefits of simplifying the device-database transaction process, EnterTech CEO Rob Douglas said “Using our BioConnect application, combined with the strength of Symmetry and Suprema, we are taking a strong step forward in reducing the cost, complexity and user onboarding issues for the benefit of the many AMAG customers.”

Recently Suprema held its Global Partnership Program 2013 event, encouraging the kind of cooperation on display here.