EnterTech Brings BioConnect 3.0 Platform to UK, North America, Puerto Rico

Biometric Access ControlEnterTech Systems has launched the BioConnect 3.0 enterprise platform in the UK, Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico, the company has announced. The company, Suprema’s official operating partner for these regions, calls the new access control platform “the most advanced identity management platform on the market today.”
Designed for enterprise applications, BioConnect 3.0 uses facial recognition and fingerprint scanning for authentication via a highly scalable framework of devices that offer simple user interfaces based on social media design concepts. The idea is to provide a companies with an easy-to-use, reliable access control system out of the box. And apparently it has found some traction in the market. Speaking in a press release, EnterTech Systems CEO Rob Douglas said that the system was created “to solve the complexity inherent in connecting biometrics to the world’s largest access control systems, and the market response has been phenomenal.”
Indeed, as biometric technology has become both more advanced and more affordable, it’s increasingly being sought out by companies looking for elegant and safe security solutions. A recent report indicated strong growth in the UK biometric access control market, for example, while biometrics developers like Suprema are making deals on an international scale to have their technology implemented in such applications. It’s a good market for a system like BioConnect 3.0.
February 12, 2015 – by Alex Perala