EnterTech Systems Attacks The Biometric Adoption Barrier of Cost With New Suprema Reader

ENTERTECHMarch 5, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

Money is a barrier when it comes to biometrics, especially in business. The major obstacles faced when discussion turns to biometric adoption in the enterprise always narrow down to the same things: ease of implementation, ease of end user and admin experience and ease on the accounting department. EnterTech Systems, the US operating partner of Suprema has been aggressively attacking these obstacles and today has announced another way it’s making next gen security accessible for the SME market.

Suprema has created a new low-cost biometric reader for the North American market called the BioEntry Plus. It’s a fingerprint biometric device specifically designed to address issues of complexity, user-onboarding and cost.

“As part of our family of high performing Suprema biometric devices, the Suprema BioEntry Plus finger-only reader (BS-BEPLOC) is available for less than $500 to systems integrators and dealers,” explains EnterTech CEO Rob Douglas, who describes the BioEntry Plus as “the most affordable biometric reader on the market.”

For months EnterTech Systems has specifically been targeting the obstacles in biometric adoption, inking partnerships and facilitating the successful implementation of strong authentication.

A particularly sharp focus has been placed on communication lines with customers. The EnterTech mandate of low friction is weighed significantly on its customer support team, that is constantly available and a key component in breaking down the educational adoption issues.

Additionally, the administrative side of deployment and identity management can be addressed with EnterTech’s BioConnect platform. Normally, two separate programs are required to manage credentials in a physical access system: one for the access control panel and another for the templates. BioConnect brings these operations together in a single application. Again, a convenient user experience is notable.

Finally, by focusing on bringing cost down and making this new Suprema reader available through all of EnterTech’s many distribution partners, the company has demonstrated all of the right steps in bringing a desirable next generation security experience to a market in demand for something better and stronger than the current status quo.