EnterTech Systems and Paxton Launch BioConnect for Net2

EnterTech launches BioConnect for Net2Official Suprema operating partner EnterTech Systems announced today that it and access control company Paxton have launched BioConnect for Net2 in the United Kingdom. The application supports the integration of Suprema biometric readers and Paxton’s Net2 access control offering.

BioConnect is EnterTech’s access control management platform that attacks administrative adoption barriers. It allows for templates and terminals to be managed from a single application, helping keep credentials up to date and preventing the creation of duplicate or outdated records.

“BioConnect eliminates much of the administration normally required of users,” says Steve Greb, EnterTech’s managig director in the UK and Ireland. “This major advantage, coupled with simple installation and user on-boarding, means installers can have customers fully functional faster than ever.

“The simplicity of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS’ BioConnect integrates well with our high quality, straightforward systems,”  says Adam Stroud, CEO of Paxton Group. “The ease of use and accessibility of the product means that the Suprema and Paxton system is an attractive proposition for a wide range of installers.”

Net2 is a networked access control solution, allowing for centralized administration and management of doors and users. Coupled with BioConnect, the two solutions make for a pretty robust access management platform.

Breaking down the barriers of biometric adoption in physical access control is a big focus in the industry right now. Suprema and EnterTech have been taking on this challenge with enthusiasm. A number of partnerships made over the past year have targeted these important adoption obstacles in healthcare and enterprises specifically.

The most recent version of BioConnect also boasts smartphone as credential technology, allowing for a BYOD approach for access control.

May 14, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter