Entertech Partners With Frontier To Break Biometric Adoption Barriers

Entertech Systems, the operating partner of Suprema in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada, has long been an advocate of breaking down the three major adoption barriers in biometric access control. Recently in this quest of making next gen access control accessible, Entertech has announced a partnership with Frontier Security.

Biometric Access Control

Breaking down the adoption barriers in biometric access control is a major topic of discussion when it comes to next generation physical security.

The partnership has resulted in the integration of Suprema technology, including biometric fingerprint readers, with the Frontier Integrated Platform, a software suite that provides users control of video management, alarm management and monitoring, auditing, reporting and real time response. Now that Entertech is in the picture, the platform can also be configured to support Suprema biometric readers. All of this is managed through a single system, keeping administrative friction low while allowing for the best security possible for given deployments.

Rob Douglas, CEO of Entertech, describes the major adoption obstacles as high cost, complexity and difficult user onboarding.

He explains: “That is why we are excited about this new partnership with Frontier Security and our ability to share this value with their robust customer base.”

This marks an important step for Frontier as well, since the company’s roadmap involves biometric integration.

Mark Heintzman, product manager of Frontier Security, comments, “The Frontier team sees biometrics as a key component of our solution offering and we are excited to provide the Suprema solution to our customers. We saw an opportunity to provide biometrics integrated the right way for our customers, taking out the complexity around implementation and support of the integrated solution.”

This week, Frontier Security is at the ASIS conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The company will be demonstrating Suprema biometric access control at booth 2325.

September 29, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter