Entertech’s BioConnect Integrated Into C-CURE 9000

Entertech's BioConnect Integrated Into C-CURE 9000

Tyco Security Products has integrated Entertech Systems‘ BioConnect identity management platform into its C-CURE 9000 platform, the company has announced. Its security and event management solution has also incorporated Suprema biometric terminal compatibility as part of the integration.

At its essence, the integration combines fingerprint and face biometric authentication with PIN and card authentication. It also lets administrators tailor how user access controls are managed, with biometric authentication being one of multiple security options. Moreover, the integration incorporates Suprema’s latest device, the FaceStation, an IP terminal that uses facial recognition for authentication; the companies say that, integrated with C-CURE 9000, it’s capable of performing 1:1,000 matches in only a second.

In a statement announcing the integration, Tyco Security Products Access Control Product Line Director Jason Ouellette called Entertech’s identity management technology “secure and scalable, with the flexibility to be adapted according to need,” and asserted, “With C-CURE 9000 at its core, the new integration of Suprema’s FaceStation and existing integration with the full Suprema product family via their BioConnect identity management platform creates a sophisticated and powerful security system that goes above and beyond traditional security.”

Recently showcased at a launch party in Toronto, Entertech’s BioConnect has seen various integrations with other platforms.

November 18, 2015 – by Alex Perala