Enterprise, IT Customers Invited to Test Windows Defender ATP

Microsoft’s Windows is inviting enterprise customers and IT professionals to test out the preview version of its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service.

Enterprise, IT Customers Invited to Test Windows Defender ATPAnnounced earlier this year, Windows Defender ATP builds on the security technology of Windows 10’s Windows Hello system, adding further defensive features such as “behavioral sensors” to detect potential threats based on aggregate data analytics. Prospective customers who sign up for the preview will be able to test the system in a hands-on manner with the ability to simulate attacks – on a particular PC connected to an enterprise network, for example – and see how Windows Defender ATP responds.

In promoting the service, Windows has emphasized that even the US Department of Defense has made the switch to Windows 10, indicating a high level of confidence in Microsoft’s security technology. And the company says that Windows Defender ATP is already being used to protect over half a million endpoints, with its developers actively collecting feedback to make the security system even more effective.

It’s all a sign of the company’s intensifying exploration of advanced digital security technologies. And with Windows Hello helping to popularize biometric authentication among consumers, Microsoft could help to raise the profile of behavioral and big data analytics among enterprise users.

May 18, 2016 – by Alex Perala