Enter Apple, Exit PINs – The Week In Biometrics (September 9-13)

September 13, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

In a week that saw Apple finally announce what the world of biometrics has been waiting to hear since it acquired AuthenTec and with it all of those shiny fingerprint patents – that the iPhone 5S will be doing away with PINs in favor of a fingerprint sensor made out of sapphire – there was still quite a bit of other industry news that found itself heard among the cheers of congratulations and excitement.

As the Biometrics Consortium Conference 2013 approaches announcements were made informing us as to what we can expect from some of the companies we’ll be seeing on the showroom floor next week in Tampa. SecuGen, who will be set up on booth 519, will be demonstrating its new and significantly smaller fingerprint reader, while Green Bit’s new palm livescan device, the MultiScan527 will be unveiled at booth 718.

Still more non-Apple news saw Fujitsu (who already has a fingerprint sensor smartphone on the market in Japan) have its much championed palm-vein biometric solution enlisted to protect high-tech valuables at UC Irvine. Physical access controls have been installed at the Kay Family Foundation Innovation Lab, home to UC Irvine’s AppJam event, since PINs and passcards are too shareable to provide adequate security.

Physical access control in Russia is ramping up in preparation for the2014 Winter Olympics, with the Sochi International Airport receiving a 3D face recognition system for employee authentication courtesy of Artec ID, and Nissan introduces a wearable piece of technology, the Nismo Watch, that allows motor athletes to connect with their cars and monitors vital biometrics for performance training purposes.

Moving back into the world of fingerprints, Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) continued to focus its efforts on expanding into the Asian markets this week, recruiting a new customer support director in the region and receiving large order for area sensors to be used in banking and government sectors.

Lumidigm, pioneers of multispectral fingerprint imaging solutions are also in the biometric banking business, with sensors in over 50 thousand Brazilian ATMs. findBIOMETRICS president Peter O’Neill had a chance to chat with the company’s CEO Mark Shermatero about the company’s other deployments and the details of Lumidigm’s famous imaging process.

Peter was also the subject of an interview this week with the CBC, as the major media outlets scrambled for expert opinions on the big Apple announcement. Along with that comes another special guest column from Darrell Geusz over at our sister site Mobile ID World. Be sure to read it, as well as this week’s mobile ID news roundup for insights into the broader world of mobile identity.

Next week, the findBIOMETRICS editorial team will be in Tampa covering both the BCC and Biometrics UnPlugged: Mobility Rules. The events will be live Tweeted via @MobileIDWorld and rounded up at the end of each day so stay tuned.