EMKA Launches Biometric Locking System for Data Servers

Biometric Access Control

In April, FindBiometrics took an in-depth look at physical access control solutions.

Locking systems developer EMKA has announced a new server rack locking system that will employ biometric scanning. The system will be provided in partnership with Data Racks, a manufacturer of data storage hardware.

The new offerings will employ EMKA’s BioLock system, which embeds fingerprint scanners directly into the handles of the cabinets storing the server hardware. Each cabinet will allow access for up to 10 unique fingerprints, with an additional two fingers allowed for emergency access, which will trigger a remote alarm.

EMKA has previously installed similar systems in US and NORAD military facilities, but this new system is tailored specifically for data centers. It’s a timely offering; a recent KPMG study noted that between 2011 and 2013, data theft increased by 40 percent, while a separate study conducted among IT managers found 40 percentof them reporting data losses specifically due to theft or loss of data hardware.

The company will be showcasing its BioLock system at this week’s Data Centre Expo in London on October 8 through 9, at Data Centre Dublin on November 11 through 12, and at Data Centre World (in London again) on March 11 through 12 of next year.

October 6, 2014 – by Alex Perala