El Paso Credit Union Deploys Crossmatch Solution

Crossmatch‘s flagship identity management system is being deployed by the El Paso Area Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU), the company has announced. TFCU’s branch locations are now able to use Crossmatch DigitalPersona Altus for their internal authentication needs.

El Paso Credit Union Deploys Crossmatch SolutionIt’s a move aimed at improving productivity and security. Crossmatch says that prior to the deployment of DigitalPersona Altus, the credit union’s IT help desk had to field 20-30 calls related to forgotten passwords on a daily basis. Crossmatch’s solution, with its use of biometric authentication, has effectively replaced those cumbersome passwords with fingerprints, ensuring both a high level of security and speedy, reliable logins for staff as they access various sensitive databases.

The DigitalPersona Altus platform was recently upgraded to enable even more sophisticated authentication capabilities based on contextual information, and given that it’s designed to allow for easy implementation with existing enterprise infrastructure, it could prove appealing to other companies as well. To that end, TFCU’s example should offer a ringing endorsement. In a statement, TFCU Special Projects Administrator Louie Villa said the credit union’s staff “are excited about this change,” adding, “Branch staff appreciate that they no longer have to remember multiple passwords, and our help desk staff are able to focus on other critical projects now that they are not dealing with constant password-related help desk calls.”

May 17, 2016 – by Alex Perala