EHR Mismanagement Prompts Need for Biometric Patient ID: Imprivata

New survey data from Imprivata suggests that there is growing demand for biometric patient ID solutions in the healthcare industry. Conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Imprivata, the study surveyed 503 “top-level healthcare executives and care providers” in the US, according to a statement summarizing its results.EHR Mismanagement Prompts Need for Biometric Patient ID: Imprivata

The study identified strong signs of patient record mismanagement in the wake of the rise of digital health records, with 64 percent of respondents asserting that the typical healthcare facility misidentifies patients “very frequently or all the time”. Such mistakes cost the average healthcare facility $17.4 million a year and the average clinician 28.2 wasted minutes, according to the survey.

Biometric identification can be used to effectively counter this issue, and according to Imprivata, 75 percent of respondents agreed that using such technology at initial patient registration “could improve cash flow for their hospitals.” The same percentage of respondents agreed that such solutions could produce a 25 percent reduction in denied claims.

That all bodes well for Imprivata and other biometric solutions providers shopping their offerings to an increasingly interested healthcare industry.

December 13, 2016 – by Alex Perala