MWC 2017: Egis Launches New Fingerprint Sensor Tech

Egis Technology is kicking off its run at this week’s Mobile World Congress with the launch of a new under-glass fingerprint sensor capable of scanning through up to 1000 micrometers.

MWC 2017: Egis Launches New Fingerprint Sensor TechIn a statement announcing the technology, Egis acknowledged that “some lesser technologies” have also enabled under-glass sensor deployments, but the company said that its solution is unique in not requiring any etching in the cover glass in order for the sensor to function.

It’s a frontier of increasing activity. Fingerprint Cards has been a driving pioneer in under-glass sensors with its Huawei deployments at the end of last year, and another announced just today. Meanwhile, tech giant Apple appears to be working strenuously to bring its fingerprint sensors not only under glass but into the display of the next iPhone.

Egis Technology’s entry into the scrum should help to spur further development among the company’s rivals. And given its history of sensor integrations with Samsung, it could help to make under-glass sensor technology much more prominent in the marketplace.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)