Easy Solutions Adds Early Phishing Detection to Web Browser Solution

Easy Solutions has incorporated a new feature called Early Phishing Detection to its Detect Safe Browsing solution.

Easy Solutions Adds Early Phishing Detection to Web Browser SolutionThe latter is a software-as-a-service platform designed to enable the automatic detection of potential malware and phishing attacks through desktop web browsers. Its new Early Phishing Detection feature is designed to apply URL classification based on machine learning technology to essentially speed up its detection of phishing attacks.

In a statement announcing the new feature, Easy Solutions Product Development VP David Castañeda asserted that “[t]oday’s most nefarious attacks still cling to email as a primary distribution vehicle for initial stage malware because it’s such a successful attack vector.” It’s an apt observation in the wake of the discovery of a new piece of malware infecting banks in Russia and other countries by first being sent as an email attachment to bank employees – a so-called ‘spear phishing attack’. Castañeda asserts that since Easy Solutions has implemented the new feature into Detect Safe Browsing, the company has “seen immediate results in our capacity to prevent phishing attacks and diminish their lifespan, ultimately protecting our clients even more effectively.”

Further measures that organizations can take to prevent malicious actors from getting access to enterprise assets include the use of mobile biometric authentication for employees, with Easy Solutions having launched such a security solution in its Detect ID system earlier this year.

November 9, 2017 – by Alex Perala