Early Warning Announces Comprehensive Enterprise Authentication Platform

Early Warning Announces Comprehensive Enterprise Authentication PlatformEarly Warning, a risk management and fraud prevention company owned by five major American banks, has announced its latest offering, the Authentify Platform.

Aimed at the enterprise level, the Authentify Platform is designed to offer companies a mean of managing various authentication methods via one interface. According to the company, these methods include two-factor, out-of-band authentication via SMS and voice, fingerprint, and even behavioral biometrics. The platform also supports NFC capabilities, device binding, and secure messaging.

In a statement announcing the new platform, Early Warning pointed to the expansion of payment options and the changing regulatory framework in which organizations deal with payments, suggesting that the Authentify Platform offers a simplified solution for integrating a variety of authentication methods and related technologies. The platform “brings together multiple modes of authentication – all sitting on top of a bank consortium model that is powered by shared intelligence – to simplify risk-managed authentication while strengthening accuracy and speed to optimize the consumer experience,” said VP Peter Tapling.

Tapling was CEO of Authentify, Inc. until the company was acquired earlier this year; now, that company’s technology is an important component of the Authentify Platform. Early Warning’s subsequent partnership with BioCatch may also have contributed to the Authentify Platform’s behavioral biometric compatibility. It has all come together at an opportune time, with the rise of digital payments leading many organizations to look for more secure authentication solutions appropriate to the digital world.

October 20, 2015 – by Alex Perala