Donseed Launches Biometric Workforce Management Platform

Donseed has launched a new workforce management platform featuring its biometric time and attendance tracking technology.Donseed Launches Biometric Workforce Management Platform

Called Donseed Workplace, it’s designed to offer a flexible solution for a range of enterprise organizations. In a statement announcing the platform, Donseed emphasized that it comprises “a range of hardware options”, from a biometric tablet device to a mobile app to an “integrated access control” solution. While these hardware solutions capture employee punch-in and punch-out times, associated software can build custom reports and send automated email alerts. And the data can be accessed from any connected device, Donseed says.

The company has previously demonstrated its expertise in biometric time and attendance tracking with major construction site deployments, and its development of an Android app for an IDEMIA time and attendance solution for the workplace. Now, with its comprehensive platform, the company is poised to widely pitch its solutions, with Donseed Chief Operating Officer Dave Ingram explaining that it’s “designed to drastically improve efficiencies and remove the pressures from both site-based and office-based staff who are responsible for the process of collating timesheet information, authorising payroll, maintaining health and safety compliance and looking after operative’s training and qualifications.”

Donseed is inviting clients to get in touch with the firm for demonstrations of Donseed Workplace solutions and for pricing information.

May 18, 2018 – by Alex Perala