Dog Face Biometrics Market Continues Expansion

Dog Face Biometrics Market Continues ExpansionFinding Rover, the facial recognition app for dogs, continues to expand its reach. According to a 1200 WOAI News Radio article, the system has now been implemented in animal shelters in San Antonio.

While it may sound like a novelty at first, the app offers a substantial service to people and pets alike. In much the same way that facial recognition technology works with humans, Finding Rover’s system identifies dogs by the patterns formed by a number of defining characteristics on their faces. Pet owners need only to scan their dog’s face via their smartphone’s camera, and then they’ll be able to upload it to the Finding Rover database in the event that the dog goes missing. Animal shelters using Finding Rover can scan the faces of the dogs in their care in the same way, and the app will match photos against each other via its database to identify missing dogs and ultimately reunite them with their owners.

The app launched earlier this year in Houston, Texas, and from there spread to animal shelters in Florida. It’s yet another example of how biometric technology can play a significant role in our everyday lives now that it’s becoming both advanced and inexpensive enough to be integrated into a mobile app like Finding Rover.

June 2, 2015 – by Alex Perala