News Roundup: DOCOMO and FIDO Break the Password

Last week at FindBiometrics we brought Time & Attendance Month to a close with that look at the technologies that are putting biometrics in front of end user on a daily basis. In the industry news section the big headlines were in the mobile sphere, while commerce, fingerprints and contactless modalities rounded out the week’s identity management notables. Here is a look back on the top stories from the last week of May 2015.

The Mobile Revolution

DOCOMO and FIDO Break the PasswordThe biggest news story of the week was out of Japan, where mobile network operator NTT DOCOMO signed onto the FIDO Alliance board of directors, offering its 65 million mobile users post-password authentication alternatives. Throughout the week that story developed while Google I/O took place, bringing with it the announcement that Android M – the newest mobile OS from the tech giant – will feature native support for fingerprint sensors.

Catch up on the week’s hottest news by following the links below:

Nok Nok Integration Brings Biometrics To Android M

Smartphone’s Iris Scanner Powered By Delta ID

DOCOMO Embraces Qualcomm Biometric Platform

Android M Features Native Fingerprint Authentication

Oppo R7 Plus Fingerprint Biometrics Run on BioMatch

Biometrics and Commerce

Biometric CommerceFinance was the vertical market of the week in terms of industry news volume. A Saudi Arabian bank has turned to biometric ATMs, USAA announced AndroidPay support, and ICICI Bank in India embraced voice recognition to phone and mobile app operations. It wasn’t all adoption in the biometric commerce news, however, as China’s central bank opted to restrict facial recognition in the case of remote account creation.

USAA Takes Advantage of New Android Tech

China’s Central Bank Restricts Facial Recognition

ICICI Bank Customers to Enjoy Voice Authentication

Saudi Arabian Bank Looks to Advanced ATM Tech

Biometric Identification Cuts Welfare Fraud in Ireland


Biometrics in schoolsFingerprints were the most talked about modality this week, not necessarily due to both innovation and myriad business-centric operations, announcements and discussions. In the interviews section, FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill interviewed Suprema’s Baudouin Genouville on the company’s recent releases. Meanwhile, BIO-key announced that it will be discussing its business at an investors conference taking place today, NEXT Biometrics posted its Q1 results and announced another major sensor order, while GenKey let us in on an upgrade to its FastAFIS solution.

ZKAccess also made the news last week, taking up the call to educate users on strong authentication by launching three credit course on biometric access control. Read on to see how fingerprint biometrics helped form last week’s biometrics discussion.

Interview: Suprema’s Baudouin Genouville

BIO-key to Discuss Business at Investors Conference

ZKAccess Launches Biometric Access Control Course

NEXT Posts Q1 Results, Remains Optimistic

FPC Completes CEO Transition

Big New Order Boosts NEXT Revenues

GenKey Upgrades Biometric Matching SDK


tumblr_n9mlpkkAQo1tbxd4lo1_1280Face and iris solutions made the news last week too, with Iris ID having been selected to aid in an as of yet unnamed African nation’s elections process, and IriTech launching an enterprise level time and attendance solution marketed in India. In Scotland, the police admitted to the use of CCTV facial recognition while, in Portugal, Lisbon International Airport began piloting biometric security from Vision-Box.

African Nation Selects Iris ID for Election Tech

IriTech Launches Enterprise Attendance Tracking System

Police Scotland Admit to CCTV Facial Recognition Use

Lisbon International Airport Pilots Biometric Screening


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June 1, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter