Digitus Biometrics Wants to Lock Up Your Cabinets, Too

Biometric Access Control

In April, FindBiometrics took an in-depth look at physical access control solutions.

Savannah, Georgia-based access control provider Digitus Biometrics has announced a new product for cabinet access control called db Cabinet Sentry. About the size of a late-80s cellphone, the db Cabinet Sentry is a digital locking device that Digitus says can be installed on any server cabinet.

The device must be configured with a Digitus lock, which uses fingerprint-scanning biometric technology. It can installed on a standalone basis or in a network setting, and it’s integrated with Digitus’ DAS-SQL software, allowing management of access control over a network. Digitus is also emphasizing its energy efficiency, which is presumably a concern at very large data centers.

There appears to be a growing market for data center security, with biometrics technology playing an increasingly important role. Recent studies have shown data theft to be on the rise, and other companies such as EMKA are starting to offer products tailored to the protection of data hardware. With its marketing of its entire product ecosystem, Digitus appears to be trying to shepherd existing clients towards greater data storage security, rather than attracting newcomers, who might find its array of products and services overwhelming. Of course, it remains to be seen how aggressively Digitus will try to compete with the standalone products offered by the likes of EMKA.

October 6, 2014 – by Alex Perala