Banks’ Biometric Authentication Helps Nigerian Gov’t Catch Fraudsters

DERMALOG is celebrating its success in helping the Nigerian government to cut payroll fraud.

Banks' Biometric Authentication Helps Nigerian Gov't Catch FraudstersLast spring, the Nigerian government waged an anti-corruption campaign, which it now says led to the discovery of 23,000 instances of ghost employees and other payroll fraud in the public service, with fully seven percent of those audited drawing multiple salaries or being fictitious names.

DERMALOG’s contribution to that effort came by way of the automated biometric identification systems (ABIS) the company provided to Nigeria’s banks, in a project seeking to bring fingerprint and facial recognition authentication to bank account registration and access. The project helped to earn DERMALOG the 2015 African Biometrics Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan and, as it turns out, has also helped the government to identify the fraudulent payroll activity in its public service. DERMALOG says these efforts will bring in monthly savings of over $11.5 million for the government.

It’s a striking example of the benefits to be wrought from biometric authentication, and helps to illustrate why governments are increasingly adopting the technology to weed out corruption.

March 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala