Dermalog Announces Dual Fingerprint/Passport Scanner

DERMALOG VF1: the first combined scanner in the world which scans both passports and fingerprints on the same scanning surface. (PRNewsFoto/DERMALOG Identification Systems)

Dermalog VF1 (image via PRNewsFoto/DERMALOG Identification Systems)

German biometrics developer Dermalog has announced what it calls the world’s first dual fingerprint and passport scanner. Called the VF1, the device can scan both fingerprints and passports on the same surface.

The device itself is sleek, black and white, and a little bigger than a shoebox in size. It can capture high-resolution, color images of passports and ID cards, and also takes ultraviolet and infrared images in its scans; and it features an RFID reader that can retrieve ePassport data. As far as fingerprint scanning goes, the VF1 can scan one, two, or four fingerprints with 256 grey levels and 500 dpi resolution.

In a statement announcing the new device, Dermalog CEO Gunther Mull emphasized its utility in “modern eGates and Kiosks”, asserting that in addition to scanning passports and fingerprints, the VF1 can “also capture signatures, barcodes and flight tickets, as well as arrival/departure documents on the same scanning area”. Complementing Dermalog’s previous accolades, the company says its VF1 received the Industriepreis 2015 award “for its innovative concept. The company is showing off the new device at this week’s Cartes Secure Connexions conference.

November 17, 2015 – by Alex Perala