DERMALOG Named African Biometrics Company of the Year

DERMALOG Named African Biometrics Company of the Year

According to Frost & Sullivan DERMALOG has 130 large scale projects in 70 countries across the globe. Twenty of those countries are in Africa.

Market analysis firm Frost & Sullivan has recognized German biometrics manufacturer DERMALOG with the 2015 African Biometrics Company of the Year Award. The distinction comes on the heels of Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis of the biometric products market.

The award was granted to DERMALOG because of its prominence on the continent, particularly in Nigeria where Frost & Sullivan points out the manufacturer has implemented one of the world’s largest biometric mass applications. DERMALOG has also deployed its technology at 23 Nigerian banks including the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Frost & Sullivan research analyst Danielle de la Mare says, “The value that DERMALOG’s products bring to the table is evident from the number of projects in which it is involved. It already has 130 large-scale projects in more than 70 countries; 20 of which are in Africa, notably Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania,Angola, and Zambia.”

She continues: “In Nigeria, DERMALOG has implemented an excellent solution of using biometric information as a means of identifying and verifying all individuals who have one or multiple accounts in the participating banks of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) project. In August 2015, far more than 18 million Nigerian bank customers have been registered in the AFIS/ABIS system provided by DERMALOG. The project promotes financial inclusion drive, expands banking services and improves access to credit.”

The firm asserts that the African continent displays a high demand for biometric technology, as many countries in the region are without identity management systems that can help prevent corruption and also provide citizens with essential services. DERMALOG’s ability to so thoroughly provide biometric technology to African nations is being recognized with this award.

August 24, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter