Department of Homeland Security Asks for Help from Biometric Firms

Multifactor BiometricsThe US Department of Homeland Security has issued an open call for private sector partners to help them upgrade their biometric systems.The call was put out by the DHS’s Office of Biometric Identity Management.

According to the OBIM’s official notice, the agency is preparing for “major investment to ensure that OBIM can continue to accommodate the expected growth of populations and new applications of multimodal biometric identity screening based on OBIM mission and our customers’ identity service needs.” More specifically, the agency is looking for help with high-performance biometric technology, advanced storage processing, international integration systems, technology to determine identities based on multiple data sources, and means for clarifying and linking identity information.

Following the NIST’s recent call for private sector help in advancing biometric technology for the purpose of tattoo recognition and INTERPOL’s recent Strategic Partners Initiative on biometric security, this appears to be another acknowledgement of government that it cannot keep up with the rapid pace of the private sector in the booming field of biometrics. It’s also very much in step with global trends towards biometric integration into government security.

November 11, 2014 – by Alex Perala