Delta Air Lines to Introduce Biometric Baggage Checking This Summer

Delta Air Lines is getting ready to try out biometric baggage checking.

Delta Air Lines to Introduce Biometric Baggage Checking This SummerThe airline has announced that the technology is being installed as part of a $600,000 baggage drop system to be launched at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer. One of the four new machines will feature facial recognition allowing it to match users against their images in their passport photos, pairing the baggage being checked to the individuals checking it.

In a statement announcing the initiative, Delta SVP Gareth Joyce said the automation enabled by the self-service baggage checking systems will allow Delta staff to “be freed up to seek out travelers and deliver more proactive and thoughtful customer service.”

Delta Air Lines isn’t alone in pursuing biometric baggage drop technology. Air New Zealand introduced biometric baggage kiosks at the Auckland International Airport back in late 2015, and more recently transport infrastructure specialist Rockwell Collins announced that it has introduced facial recognition to its self-service baggage system for airports. For its part, Delta Air Lines has also been an early adopter of biometric technology for passenger screening, viewing it as a way to reduce wait times at busy airports.

May 15, 2017 – by Alex Perala