2016 Dell Products to Feature NEXT Fingerprint Sensors

2016 Dell Products to Feature NEXT Fingerprint SensorsA number of upcoming Dell products are going to feature NEXT Biometrics fingerprint scanners. According to NEXT, the devices are slated for release next year and include notebooks, tablets, and rugged products.

Dell’s move to integrate fingerprint sensors into its major hardware products may reflect a broader shift underway in the consumer electronics industry. Microsoft has begun to push biometrics in a big way with various new offerings including iris scanning mobile devices and, more broadly, the Windows Hello biometric security apparatus built into its new Windows 10 operating system. Many third party hardware developers are now being encouraged to take advantage of Windows 10’s biometric authentication capabilities, and indeed Dell is one such partner, though it isn’t clear if the NEXT-infused products currently in development run on Windows 10.

The integration is a major win for NEXT Biometrics, whose recently-launched line of new ultra-thin fingerprint sensors could see heightened interest after the high-profile integrations with Dell’s new products. In a press release, NEXT CEO Tore Etholm-Idsoe expressed pride at the integrations and asserted that “Dell is the first top-tier Notebook and Tablet manufacturer to recognize that larger sensors are vital to reliably secure, convenient and consistently accurate fingerprint readings.”

October 27, 2015 – by Alex Perala