CrucialTec Expects 280 Percent Bump in Back Half of Year

CrucialTec Expects 280 Percent Bump in H1 RevenuesSouth Korea-based CrucialTec is seeing its fingerprint module business buoyed by increasing demand from the smartphone sector. The company says that it expects its revenues for the second half of 2015 to be 280 percent higher than they were for the second half of 2014.

That means the company expects to rake in $240 million in the back half of this year, largely from sales of its biometric trackpads. It has already supplied its fingerprint modules to such major Asia-based smartphone makers as Meizu, HTC, Oppo, Fujitsu, and Huawei, and there is industry speculation that LG Electronics will be added to its list of clients later this year.

While its technology must be of a certain quality to net so many high-profile clients, CrucialTec is also obviously benefitting from the boom in embedded fingerprint sensors for smartphones, as popularized by Apple’s Touch ID system in its iPhones and iPads; now, the technology is more or less standard on all high- and mid-range smartphones.

Still, CrucialTec has been no laggard in advancing its technology; in fact it has helped to push smartphone fingerprint biometrics forward. Last June, the company announced its new Fermion algorithm, designed specifically for small-area fingerprint sensors like those on Samsung mobile devices; and earlier this year CrucialTec patented a fingerprint sensor that can be embedded under a smartphone’s touchscreen.

Source: The Korea Herald

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)