Crossmatch Tech Underpins Biometric Safe

Crossmatch Tech Underpins Biometric SafeFingerprint security solutions developer Zvetco Biometrics is launching a new safe that uses biometric security. The Verifi Smart.Safe S6000 is about the size of a standard tabletop and can be unlocked via fingerprint scan.

The biometric safe allows its principle user to add and remove additional authorized users at a whim. The safe also logs every usage event, recording the registration and de-registration of users, the triggering of alarm conditions, and so on.

Of course, the Zvetco S6000 is most notable for its fingerprint sensor lock, which uses a capacitive FIPS-201-certified, FBI-approved sensor. The sensor was developed by Crossmatch, a company with a wealth of experience in fingerprint sensor solutions and a reputation that has recently attracted the attention of Silicon Valley’s local congressman in his efforts to better understand biometric technology.

This strong technological pedigree, combined with its other features, makes the S6000 “perfect for people whose priority is quick access, as well as for those interested in its advanced user management capabilities,” says Zvetco Biometrics CEO Zavi Cohen, adding that the safe’s “tamper-resistant features, multiple alarms and advanced self-diagnostics, provides any user with peace of mind.”

September 2, 2015 – by Alex Perala