Crossmatch Announces Mobile-Focused ‘Nomad’ Line of Fingerprint Tech

Crossmatch is taking the opportunity of this week’s Connect:ID conference to unveil its newest line of fingerprint scanners.

Crossmatch Announces Mobile-Focused 'Nomad' Line of Fingerprint TechThe company’s new Nomad lineup includes modules and readers that use thin film transistor technology to ensure that they’re compact and lightweight. They’re also “impervious to sunlight”, according to a statement announcing the devices; and the lineup will include a USB reader and a wireless reader.

The announcement of the new line comes soon after Crossmatch was contracted to provide technology for an IARPA research program on anti-spoofing technologies, further raising its profile as a provider of biometric technologies that meet high-level government standards. Commenting on the new Nomad line, Crossmatch marketing VP John Hinmon said its offerings are designed “to address the inherent use case and environmental challenges” of mobile applications.

The company says that FAP 30 and FAP 60 modules will go into sampling this July, and that its FAP 60 wireless reader will be the first in the lineup to hit the market in October.

May 1, 2017 – by Alex Perala