Crossmatch Enhances Multi-Factor Authentication Platform

Crossmatch Enhances Multi-Factor Authentication PlatformToday, Crossmatch announced that its DigitalPersona Altus  multi-factor authentication platform has been upgraded, receiving enhanced functionality. The strong multi-factor solution, which leverages biometric, token and passcode security factors, has been expanded to facilitate greater ease of use, and more robust mobile credentialing, as well as greater biometric reader compatibility.

“DigitalPersona Altus is a strong, multi-factor authentication solution based on a secure architecture that is proven and trusted,” says Rich Agostinelli, CEO of Crossmatch. “Altus integrates with legacy infrastructure and easily enables the multi-factor approach of something you know (password, PIN, OTP), something you have (token, card) and something you are (biometric), providing IT managers and security professionals a way to harness the benefits of various factor combinations based on risk needs.”

The three-factor strong authentication provided by Altus combines the best of all security paradigms. Long, renewable passwords can’t be circumvented thanks to the additional biometrics and token factors required. At the center of the solution, however, is a strong focus on convenience.

The company highlights in a press release that there is a negative correlation between the complexity of a security policy and the compliance by users. This is indeed one of the major criticisms of password-only security. The convenience of biometrics finds a work-around for this, as users simply scan their biometric to add a personal touch to their verification while also providing proof of presence – a major benefit for workplace and enterprise deployments.

In related news:

Crossmatch recently received a major deployment of its U.are.U fingerprint readers by Togo’s Eateries, a US sandwich chain. The company has a strong presence in the time and attendance markets, particularly in the realm of restaurants. As examined in our recent Time & Attendance Month, Crossmatch provides biometric workforce management solutions for Hooters, Popeye’s, Wendy’s and Chili’s (though their franchisee, Valenti Management), Meijer, and also for Mexico’s Montparnasse Pasteleria bakery chain.

June 23, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter