INTERVIEW: Crossmatch’s Michel Nerrant at Money20/20 2017 [Audio]

FindBiometrics is reporting live from Money 20/20 this week, and biometrics are everywhere, from new wearable retail concepts, to behind the scenes providing continuous authentication. As an indication of just how important Money20/20’s Las Vegas show has become to the biometrics industry, even the massive global players like Crossmatch are in attendance.

Peter O’Neill, President, FindBiometrics, spoke with Michel Nerrant, Senior Business Developer, Crossmatch.

The live interview begins with talk about the use of behavioral biometrics as a continuous factor in an authenticated session, which is one of the technologies Crossmatch is showcasing on the exhibition floor. Nerrant then goes on to outline Crossmatch’s 2017 milestones, including its participation in IARPA’s Nail-to-Nail challenge, before concluding with a discussion of how biometrics can address today’s climate of data breaches.

Listen to our full interview with Michel Nerrant, Senior Business Developer, Crossmatch: