Crossmatch Enhances Altus’ Human Approach to Authentication

Crossmatch has upgraded its DigitalPersona Altus platform.

Crossmatch Enhances Altus' Human Approach to AuthenticationAltus is an authentication platform aimed at government and enterprise applications, and designed for fast and easy integration with whatever IT infrastructure is already in place. It combines biometric, token, and passcode authentication factors, enabling multi-factor authentication; and now, with its latest upgrade, Crossmatch says it now offers “contextual and application-specific authentication capabilities”, generating risk assessments to help facilitate smooth access to data and other IT assets.

The overall aim is to offer a more human authentication system, rather than a rigid security process that hinders productivity. In a press release, Crossmatch CEO Richard Agostinelli summarized the benefits of the upgrade, asserting, “Now more than ever, Altus provides strong, multi-factor authentication designed for the people that use it — and those that manage it.”

Crossmatch plans to showcase the solution at next week’s connect:ID expo in Washington, where the company will exhibit from Booth 201.

March 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala